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Barbara Dean Aliaga


How do you balance your positive and negative feelings?

Assess your acceptance of self.

Do you worry you may not meet that someone special?

Are you feeling out-of-touch with your friends?

Do you wish you had more money?

Do you wish you could get along better with your parents?

Are you feeling burnt out at work?

Is there a specific challenge at work you seem stuck in?

Are you trying to buy a home?

Do you wish you had the energy to find a new job?

Are you looking for better ways to communicate with your children?  How about your partner?

What are your challenges?

Everyone can enjoy a support.  A JOY Coach helps you look at what is holding you back and then helps you to stay the course for success. This may be what is leading you to this page.

If you find you are unhappy and stressed most of the time, you are ignoring the quiet vibrations you know you hear but push away. You can remain in these unhappy states, these unproductive moments. Emotions are key in getting you on a productive track.

Adventures present themselves to you and everyone else. It is not only the longest journey; it is the never-ending journey!




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