Learn to Read Emotional Messages

Getting To Happy   Learning To Read Emotional MessagesWhy Did I Write This Book?

I love when I’m with a group of people and there’s a magical feeling of contentment, satisfaction and smiles.  I am amazed the same group of people can create in me feelings of irritation, fear and frowns.  What is going on?

This book took several years of writing on AbuNana.com, talking with friends, and introspection.  After my retirement in April, 2018, I got to work and assemble my insights into a book form.  It is a great form of structure and process.  I found these writings helpful on a daily basis.  The pages kept my spirit alert and aware of the best things in the day.  I made the commitment to living a happy life.

Throughout the day I am reminded of the recommendations of this book.  It speaks to me and makes me accountable to my commitment.  I am able to navigate through my personal life and the world outside with all of its uncertainties, tragedies and hopelessness.  I wake up to happy!  If this book can inspire me, I am sure it will motivate you to find your best self!  Please be sure to read it!


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