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William Pardon Tankerfield III and a Googol of Wishes?

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Joy Coach, Barbara Dean Aliaga provides on-line refreshment to the already healthy. Heart-to-heart conversations about the bumps along the road lead to bright, new perceptions where opportunities joyfully erupt. This is because you express yourself and make choices on what is more pleasing to you. Conversations help identify the speed bumps to happiness. 

We experience chemical imbalances, catch other people’s colds and flu, suffer through oppressive news stories, become irritated with our family. It is the reason it is so easy to fall off our intended pleasant path. Life Coaching exists to support our desire to move to a happier state.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hello, I am a gifted, retired executive. Happy people tune-up their good vibrations through positive conversations.
On-Line refreshment!

Happy Thoughts, Happy Living!

What can I do for you? As a Joy Coach, you and I can partner within a conversation. So, together we can explore and grow from your current challenges. We can experience satisfying change in an environment of positivity. Learn more

What can the book, Getting to Happy, do for you?

You can watch a movie, spend a couple of hours complaining to a friend, or you can read “Getting to Happy”. As a result, you begin to recognize emotional balancing tools. And, tools are handy when it comes to dealing with emotions! They help build a life with less fear, worry.

Happiness is available to us at all times. Since we access happiness with pleasant attitudes, we can practice positive thinking leading to higher levels of joy. Learn more

Challenge yourself. You are not alone!

Listen to Oliver Hunt narrate “William Pardon Tankerfield the Third and a Googol of Wishes. #Oliverthereader

Preview more of this bedtime adventure book for kids

An inspiring story for children of all ages! W a child has discovered how to materialize his own wishes! Read about the power of making wishes.

Check my BLOG,  for articles to uplift your spirit. We like to talk about life!  Above all, it never hurt our vision by looking at the brighter side of life.  

Join me in building a happier life